The easiest way to accept card payments

Take payments in just 3 easy steps


Enter the amount due
Simply enter the amount you want to charge. You can optionally add a picture or a description of the product / service you are selling.


Insert the card
Ask your customer to insert his debit or credit card into the Chip & PIN reader, just like he would normally do with a traditional reader.


Enter PIN, and you're done.
Your customer just has to enter his PIN on the PIN pad to complete the transaction. A receipt can be easily printed or sent via e-mail.

Discover how payleven can help you grow your business

Never Miss a Sale Again

Never Miss a Sale Again Benefit from higher average basket sizes on purchases made with cards, and avoid losing customers to the competition.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Foster Customer Loyalty Give your clients the freedom to choose the way they would like to pay, and improve their customer experience.

Make Wise Decisions

Make Wise Decisions Access payleven’s real-time sales analytics from your account, and make timely and informed decisions to grow your business.

I am sure that we would have missed out on sales if we had not had the facility to take card payments with payleven at the ArtFair.

Tom Cecil Professional product designer

Now that we accept credit cards we never have to turn away a customer who doesn't have cash. Customers who see us using it are really impressed by the latest technology and they react to it.

Elizabeth Hirst Tursch & Egon


Product catalogue

Product catalogue

Save your products or services with name, picture and price, so that next time you sell them, they’re just one tap away. Learn more



Control your workforce by setting up and managing sub-accounts for your employees. Each of them can have a Chip & PIN device linked to the same bank account. Learn more

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Real-time sales information allows you to analyze performance of your products, and gives you a convenient overview of your cash flows. Learn more

Electronic receipts

Electronic receipts

You can send receipts to your customers via e-mail, or directly print them on the spot with a mobile printer. Learn more



Connect payleven with various printers in order to print receipts at any point.
Learn more

More information

More information

Find out more in-depth information about payleven's product features. Learn more

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Chip & PIN payment for iOS
Chip & PIN payment for Android

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free from monthly fees
No monthly fees
easy installation
Easy installation
secure transactions
Secure and reliable

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