1. General

    1. Introduction

      1. What is payleven?

        payleven is a mobile payment system that allows you to accept card payments anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or tablet and a Chip & PIN card reader device that connects through Bluetooth technology.

      2. What advantage does payleven provide compared to traditional card acceptance solutions?

        payleven provides a range of advantages compared to traditional card acceptance solutions:

        Low cost:

        payleven is the most economical way to accept card payments, especially for small businesses and mobile merchants, with no monthly fixed costs and lower transaction fees than traditional solutions.


        You can start accepting payments shortly after signing up, without any commitment or monthly fee.


        payleven is mobile. With payleven you can accept card payments anywhere with your smartphone and a data connection (3G or Wifi).


        payleven complies with the most stringent security standards.

      3. How does payleven work?

        With the payleven Chip & PIN card reader and the free payleven app, you can easily and quickly accept card payments. Simply start the app, ensure you have a Bluetooth connection to your phone and enter the amount you would like to accept. You can also add a photo of the product you are selling. The customer can confirm the transaction on the reader and enter their personal identification number (PIN) to authorize. You can then send an email receipt to your customer. (Please see full operating details in the Chip & PIN section).

      4. Who is eligible to use payleven?

        payleven is a product and service for businesses and private persons. Our customers include private individuals as well small owner-run companies and self-employed persons or freelancers like sales shops (design furniture, clothes & accessories, electrical equipment etc.), photographers, bars & restaurants, hairdressers, beauty consultants, taxi drivers, doctors, but also big companies like fast food delivery services, big restaurants, event technicians or IT service providers. payleven is for businesses performing the transactions at the Point of Sale (POS) and private individuals who wish to accept card payments.

    2. Getting Started

      1. How can I register for payleven?

        You can register quickly and easily on our website www.payleven.co.uk. After successful registration you will receive an e-mail from us with the next steps. You can also get in touch with us by calling our customer service phone number on 020 7112 8211 or writing to us at queries@payleven.co.uk. One of our sales team representatives can answer any questions you may have, help you download the app and guide you through the registration process.
        Most of our customers will only need to go through the web-based sign up process in order to register and order the Chip & PIN device. Within a few minutes, a successful registrant receives a confirmation email. Assuming successful registration and confirmation of payment, the reader is shipped within a few days and is immediately enabled to do transactions. In some cases, we may also need to ask for some documents as further proof of identity. If this is the case, it is to ensure for security and legal reasons that we can fully confirm an applicant’s details. In order to activate the funds settlement process and to ensure we transmit our customers’ funds accurately, we will verify your bank account details by depositing a small amount of money into your bank account in which you must verify online. In some cases, we may request a document confirming your bank account details.

      2. Bank account

        How do I verify my bank account?

        When you log into your payleven account for the first time, you will receive a prompt to enter the details of the bank account to which you want payleven to settle your funds. Once these details have been entered and confirmed, a new field pops up in which you will be requested to enter your unique descriptor code. Simultaneously payleven will transfer a random amount between GBP0,- and GBP2,- to your account, that carries this unique descriptor code. After receiving the transfer from payleven, you must log into your payleven account again and enter the unique descriptor as well as the random amount. Following this your bank account is verified.

        In summary:

        • 1. Log into your payleven account
        • 2. Enter you bank account details
        • 3. Obtain unique descriptor and random amount from payleven’s bankwire
        • 4. Log into your payleven account and enter descriptor code and random amount

        What does the descriptor code look like?

        The descriptor is a 10-digit code that is generated by payleven using a mathematical algorithm. The descriptor can be found in the transfer that payleven will settle to your bank account.

        What happens if I enter the wrong code?

        Your bank account will not be verified until you have entered the right code. If you enter the wrong code, you will get an immediate notification that this code is incorrect. In addition, you will be given the chance to correct any possible typing errors and to re-check the code.

        Can I use a bank account other than my own personal/business account?

        No, entering a bank account other than your own personal bank account (individuals and sole proprietors) or the company’s business bank account is not allowed. Our risk department will verify bank account details and your payleven account will be closed if a bank account other than your own is provided

        Can I change my bank account at a future point in time?

        Yes. In order to change your bank account you will need to contact our customer service department and provide them with a bank statement of the bank account into which you wish payleven to settle your funds. To ensure that your request for a bank account change is processed correctly you must inform payleven 7 days prior to your bank account change and make sure that the new account is operational at the date of request. Payleven will not be responsible for any charges from your bank due to settlement transfers to an inactive account.

        Do I need to transfer the funds back to payleven?

        No, the funds do not have to be transferred back to payleven and will not be charged on your first invoice. The funds can be considered as a business gift and token of goodwill.

      3. What is the Chip & PIN card reader device?

        The Chip & PIN card reader reads the EMV chip of the credit or debit card and then the transaction is confirmed by the customer entering their personal identification number (PIN). This differs from the traditional Swipe & Sign card readers, which read the magnetic strip on the back of a customer’s credit card and requires a signature to complete the transaction. Using Chip & PIN increases the security against false claims and decreases the threat of card fraud. Compliant with card schemes’ highest standards of security, with Chip & PIN, you will be able to accept a wider range of cards to include MasterCard, VISA, Maestro and V PAY.

      4. Is payleven available in my country?

        payleven is currently available in Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France and Brazil. payleven will also be available in more countries soon. You can only use payleven in the country you are registered in.

      5. I did not get a confirmation email. What should I do?

        If you did not receive a confirmation email within a minute after completing the first registration step, please first check your spam email folder. If you use an e-mail address, for example, with a preface such as office@; contact@, admin@, service@, support@, there may occasionally be problems with the delivery. In this case, please contact our customer service.

      6. I did not receive my card reader. What should I do?

        If you did not receive your card reader, please contact our customer service by telephone at 020 7112 8211 or send an email to queries@payleven.co.uk. We will then send a new device as soon as possible. However, please be aware that the Chip & PIN device will only be shipped once payment is received and your identification documents have been fully processed.

      7. How can I show my customers that I offer payleven services?

        If you order your card reader online, you will receive additional materials to include a brochure, a stand to place on your sales counter or desk, as well as stickers. If you have purchased your card reader at a retail shop, we will send you promotional material once you have completed the online registration process. We recommend making this information available so your customers can immediately recognize that you are using payleven. If you need more material, please let us know – we will gladly send you more!!

    3. Accepting Payments

      1. What kind of goods and services can I offer using payleven as a method of payment?

        payleven may be offered for purchases of all goods and services that are provided at the point of sale as opposed to a future date. Exceptions, or goods and services that may not be purchased with payleven include: Illegal activities, betting, adult entertainment, weapons, drugs/medicines sold through the Internet, mail and telephone orders, occult activities, products that promote any kind of hatred, escort services, subscriptions and memberships, debt counselors, identity theft, home shopping products, prepaid cards, factoring and accounts receivable, service stations with automatic payment without a third party, financial services (for example Western Union), electronic money transfers, telemarketing, and all other goods and services, that are against the law or questionable in terms of criminality or liability. Please see our terms and conditions for a complete list of prohibited transactions and restrictions of the product.

      2. Which cards are accepted by payleven?

        The Chip & PIN card reader accepts Visa, V Pay, MasterCard and Maestro Debit and Credit cards. Acceptance of additional card schemes will be announced in the future.

      3. When will my money be paid and how are the fees charged?

        Normally, transactions will be paid by our credit card service provider on a weekly basis. These transactions will be paid each Friday with a settlement delay of 5 days, thus the minimum waiting time is 5 working days, the maximum 11 working days. 

      4. What is the minimum and maximum amount of payment that I can accept?

        The maximum amount that can be accepted with payleven may vary. Please get in contact with us regarding limits for your specific business.

      5. Can I use a different card reader from payleven than the one I received?

        For security reasons, Chip & PIN card readers are associated to a specific merchant account and therefore cannot be used with any other payleven account.

      6. Are payleven receipts a substitute for a tax invoice?

        payleven receipts are only a confirmation of a successful payment and not a substitute for a tax office compliant invoice.

      7. Can a tip be added to the transaction?

        Yes. You can either manually add the stated tip into the total amount or in the final transaction step customers can enter a tip.

      8. Where can I see an overview of my transactions?

        In the secure merchant log-in portal (on the payleven website), you can see an overview of your transactions to include transaction details. Alternatively, you can see the transaction history within the payleven app. To log-in to the merchant portal, select the Login button on the top right hand side of your screen and enter in your email address and password to gain acces to your merchant portal. 

      9. Where can I accept payments?

        You can accept payments anywhere, as long as you are located in the country in which you have registered. The only prerequisite for the successful use of payleven is an existing data connection over Wi-Fi or the cellular network, as an online transaction authorization must be carried out.

      10. Can I use payleven in other countries?

        For security reasons, this is currently not possible. You can only use payleven in the country in which you have registered.

      11. Can a transaction be cancelled?

        A transaction can be cancelled while processing by pressing the red x button on the Chip & PIN terminal. Once a transaction has been processed it can no longer be cancelled and a refund must be issued.

    4. Receipts and Printers

      1. Can I send or print receipts?

        Yes, you can easily send your customers receipts via email or with certain desktop and mobile printer models. Email receipts are optional and can be easily done through the application by entering the customers email address after processing the transaction. The receipt is designed for an A4 page and can also be printed from email using a standard printer. You can also equip yourself with a stationary or mobile printer that allows you to print a paper receipt right from the app. You can purchase a Bixolon SPP-R200IIiK/BEG mobile printer direct from payleven with your Chip & PIN device or when you have an account in your payleven logged in area. The payleven app also supports Star Micronics SM-S220i mobile printer and the Epson TM-T88V with UB-R03 desktop printer.

      2. Can I resend or reprint a receipt after the transaction is complete?

        Yes. In the transaction history section of the app, there is an option to resend or print a receipt. You can also log into the merchant section of the payleven website to resend receipts.

      3. How do I connect my Bixolon mobile printer with the payleven app?

        For instructions, please click here.

      4. How do I print a receipt?

        When a transaction is completed, a view is prompted on the App where it is possible to print a receipt or send a receipt via email. Simply press the printer icon on the bottom right to print the paper receipt.

      5. Where can I learn more about how to troubleshoot the Bixolon mobile printer I purchased on the payleven website?

      6. What are the warranty terms for the SPP-R200IIiK/BEG printer I purchased on the payleven website?

        When buying the printer at payleven, you are entitled to two and half years warranty period from the date of purchase. You simply need to present the printer and the payleven invoice to the printer manufacturer. The warranty for the battery is 6 months.

      7. What width of paper do I need to purchase for the Bixolon mobile printer I purchased from payleven?

        The SPP-R200IIiK/BEG paper width is 58mm.

    5. My Payleven Account

      1. Can I view and print my transaction history?

        In addition to the transaction history in the app you can view, print and download a detailed overview of all the transactions in the merchant login area on the payleven website. For individual filtering, lists and analysis you can also download an excel chart.

      2. Can I use my account on multiple phones or tablets?

        Yes. You can login with your account on several devices. All transactions are then attributed to your account. On each new phone or tablet you use, you will need to ensure the proper card reader is selected from within the application. You will need to pair your Chip & PIN device with each new phone or tablet you use.

      3. Can I set up multiple users for the same account?

        Our multi-account function allows you to manage multiple Chip & PIN devices from a single master account. Features such as monitoring the earnings of each device and granting or revoking permission to give refunds can all be controlled and analysed from a single place.

      4. How can I change my password?

        You can reset or modify your password on our website in the merchant login area.

      5. How can I change my bank account details used for settlement?

        To change the bank account details currently associated with your payleven account, please contact a payleven service representative a minimum of 7 days prior to the bank account change and ensure the newly associated bank account is active. Providing the correct information at least 7 days in advance will ensure weekly settlement to the correct account and avoid the risk of a bounced transfer of funds due to a closed or inactive bank account. If payleven has not been notified of the change at least seven days in advance, payleven will not be responsible for any associated bank charges due to a bounced settlement transfer

    6. Cost

      1. How much does payleven cost?

        Only 2,75% of the transaction value. At payleven there are no monthly fees and you can download the app for free. For additional information please click here – Pricing.

      2. Is there a minimum revenue requirement?

        No. There is no need to generate minimum revenue.

    7. Technology

      1. Which devices are compatible with payleven?

        Currently payleven operates with all of the latest Apple iOS Smartphones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5) as well as all iPads and iPod Touch with the software version 4.3 and higher. All Android smartphones version 2.3 or higher are considered compatible.

      2. Is it possible to integrate payleven in my own app?

        Yes. Find further information at www.developer.payleven.com.

      3. Can I perform a test transaction?

        Yes. To perform a test transaction, follow the standard instructions to initiate a transaction. Once you have been prompted with the amount on the card reader, after you have inserted a card, the system system has successfully connected. At this stage of the transaction do not confirm but rather abort the process. In this way, the transaction will not be recognized and the card will not be charged. Before using payleven, we recommend that you perform a test transaction to get a feeling for the technology and the process.

      4. Why does the app need my location?

        For security purposes, payleven can only be used in the country you have registered. In addition, GPS location and timestamp can alert us to improper use of a payleven account.

      5. Do I need internet to use payleven?

        Yes, you need internet via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network so payleven can perform a transaction authorization during the transaction. Depending on the speed of the internet, the duration of the verification can vary.

    8. Data privacy and security

      1. How safe is payleven?

        payleven is just as secure as common card payment methods, complying with the same standards and regulations of the payment industry. Our transaction partners meet all relevant security requirements and are compliant with the most stringent security standards. All data that is transmitted is encrypted and comprehensive fraud protection is provided. Please see the Chip & PIN section of the FAQ for more details or do not hesitate to call us for more information.

      2. What information is used when making a transaction with payleven?

        Payleven uses only the necessary payment-related information required to ensure safe, fast and accurate processing of all transactions.

      3. What happens to my personal information?

        payleven only collects data in accordance with legal requirements and to the extent necessary to process Debit or Credit card transactions. Under no circumstances would your data be sold or passed on to third party providers.

      4. I no longer wish to use payleven. How can I close my account?

        With payleven, there is no contract, fixed or minimum sale amount. Therefore, you can maintain an inactive account indefinitely. However, if you still wish to close your payleven account, please contact service@payleven.co.uk and request for your account to be closed.

      5. What happens if my card reader is stolen or if I lose it?

        No data is stored on the card reader and thus a stolen or lost card reader does not pose a security threat. If you have lost your card reader, please log in to your payleven account and select ‘Purchase Chip & PIN’ or contact service@payleven.co.uk for more information.

      6. What does payleven use customer data for?

        Customer data is requested exclusively for transaction-related processing and is shared with our financial partners solely for such purposes. Under no circumstances would you data be sold or passed on to third party providers.

    9. Troubleshooting

      1. When I log in, the message “Account not activated” is displayed. What does this message mean?

        Your account has not been activated as your personal identification information is still being processed. Once complete, we will be in touch by phone or e-mail to inform you about the activation of your account.

      2. I want to login to the website, but I forgot my password. What can I do?

        On the login screen, you can reset your password by clicking on ‘forgot password’ link.

      3. It takes a long time for the transaction to be processed. Why is this?

        Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the duration of the transaction may vary.

      4. The transaction is not being accepted. What is wrong?

        There are several potential reasons for transactions not being accepted. Please check the following checklist below and if the problem still persists, please call our dedicated customer service line on 020 7112 8211, where one of our agents will be able to help solve your problem. 

        • Is your registration complete and has your account been activated?
        • Do you have mobile signal and a strong data/ Wi-Fi connection?
        • Is your card reader successfully paired to your smartphone/ table via Bluetooth?

      5. The card reader is not registering the card. What is the reason and what can I do?

        Please check if the following criteria are met.

        1. Have you completed your registration and is your account active?
        2. Do you have a strong mobile data connection or WiFi signal?
        3. Has your card reader been successfuly paired to your smartphone/ tablet via Bluetooth? 

        If all of these criteria have been met, please contact one of our dedicated customer service agents on 020 7112 8211 and we would be glad to help you sovle the problem. 

  2. Chip & PIN payment method

    1. General

      1. What is a Chip & PIN card reader?

        The payleven Chip & PIN card reader is a separate mobile device that connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and allows merchants to accept major credit and debit cards. Due to the necessity of entering a personalized PIN number to confirm each transaction, the Chip & PIN card reader is the most secure and simple way to accept card payments wherever you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Payleven is the first company to offer a mobile card payment solution on a Smartphone/Tablet with Chip & PIN technology.

      2. What distinguishes the Chip & PIN card reader from traditional magnetic stripe readers?

        Chip & PIN is the most secure payment process on the market and as a result allows the acceptance of more credit card types than the usual magnetic stripe readers.

      3. Do I need the Chip & PIN card reader?

        The Chip &PIN device is particularly interesting for you if you wish to accept major credit and debit cards without compromising on the security of the transactions. You can also accept card payments with our traditional Swipe & Sign card reader. However, due to credit card company regulations, you will only be able to process MasterCard and Diners Club credit cards. VISA Europe does not allow Swipe & Sign transactions, therefore you will need the Chip & PIN card reader to accept VISA credit and debit cards.

      4. How do I get a Chip & PIN card reader?

        To receive a Chip & PIN card reader, please visit www.payleven.co.uk where you can register for payleven.

      5. How much does the Chip & PIN card reader cost?

        The price of the Chip & PIN card reader is a one-off hardware cost; please check the landing page of our website for the latest deal. There are no monthly fees or recurring costs. The transaction charges are a flat fee of 2.75% per transaction.

      6. Are there any monthly fees?

        No, there are no additional or monthly costs, only the one time card reader payment and a pay a per transaction charge of 2.75% per transaction.

      7. How long after I sign-up will I receive my Payleven Chip & PIN card reader?

        If you have not already purchased a card reader at a retail store, you have registered online and your card reader payment is received, we will mail the card reader straight away. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

      8. Are there any discounts when buying multiple units?

        For small quantities of less than 10 card readers, we do not offer any discount. However should you be interested in a larger cooperation with us, please email us at the following address: sales@payleven.co.uk

      9. Is there a warranty on the Chip & PIN card reader?

        Yes, there is a 12 month manufacture warranty on the card reader.

      10. What cards do you accept?

        The payleven Chip & PIN card reader accepts all cards with a VISA, VPay, MasterCard and Maestro logo. Additional cards will be accepted soon.

    2. Device operation

      1. How do I turn on my Chip & PIN reader?

        On the left hand side of the device there is a small on/off button. To switch the device on, briefly press the button and after a few seconds the device will be ready for use. To power off, hold down the button for 5 seconds.

      2. How do I charge the Chip & PIN device?

        To charge the card reader, connect the charging jack on the right hand side of the device to the included Micro USB cable. Once the cable has been connected to either a computer or standalone charger it will take approximately 45mins to fully charge the card reader. There is a battery icon on the display of the card reader that displays the current state of the battery.

      3. How do I sync the Chip & PIN card reader with my smartphone or tablet?

        How the device is “paired” to your smart phone or tablet will depend on the type of device you have. Please click here – Connecting the card reader to your Smartphone or Tablet – for instructions.

      4. How often should I recharge the Chip & PIN reader?

        The Battery of the Chip & PIN reader lasts up to 3 days or up to 120 transactions and takes up to 45 minutes to fully recharge. We will offer a charging cradle for the device soon.

      5. Does the Chip & PIN reader have a backup solution in case the customers chip card cannot be read or the card does not have chip functionality?

        The Chip & PIN card reader has a back-up magnetic stripe reader, which serves as an alternative to the chip reader. If the chip cannot be read or there is no chip, as is the case with some foreign cards, the magnetic reader can still be used to perform a Swipe transaction. We do not recommend that our merchants accept magnetic strip transactions unless truly necessary as they would then sacrifice the security and peace of mind that comes from using the Chip & PIN functionality.

    3. Data/ Information Security

      1. Does the Chip & PIN card reader support more devices than previous Swipe & Sign solution?

        The compatibility of our system does not depend on the card reader used. Currently payleven supports all Apple iOS smartphones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5), as well as all iPads and iPod touch running at least iOS version 4.3. payleven supports Android phones version 2.3 or higher.

      2. Does the Chip & PIN card reader save any card details?

        No, neither the Chip & PIN reader nor the payleven application store any sensitive data. All sensitive data is encrypted and stored in a safe and compliant environment. Therefore a lost Chip & PIN device is not a security risk to the merchant or the customer.

      3. How do I know that a transaction has been successful?

        A message will be displayed on the app and the card reader as soon as the transaction has been successful. The message shown depends on the type of card and on the language set on the smartphone.

      4. Can I connect other Bluetooth devices to my smartphone or tablet in addition to the Bluetooth Chip and PIN card reader?

        This is entirely dependent on the functionality of each Smartphone/Tablet.

      5. Is the Bluetooth connection secure?

        Yes. The Bluetooth connection is secure. Transmitted data is encrypted through the transaction process.

      6. Can I use the Bluetooth reader on multiple devices?

        Yes. The card reader is not bound to any specific smart device. Therefore, you can use the Chip & PIN card reader with all of your compatible smart phones or tablets; provided you have the correct App installed on each smartphone/tablet and have ‘paired’ it to the card reader. Please note however, for your security, the C&P card reader will not function with other accounts, only the account provided to you at time of registration.

      7. Can I use the Chip & Pin device on multiple devices simultaneously?

        A simultaneous use of the device on multiple devices is not possible. In order to use the reader on a different device you must unpair the the first device before pairing the second.

      8. What is the range of the Bluetooth connection?

        The range of the Bluetooth connection is 10 meters. Depending on whether there are any obstacles between the device and the phone that may cause disruption.

      9. How many PIN attempts can be made by the customer?

        For security purposes, the customers card will be blocked after three incorrect PIN attempts.

    4. Return and Exchange Policy

      1. Returns and Exchanges

        New Card Readers

        • Chip & PIN card readers may be returned for a full refund, minus a 10 GBP service charge, within two weeks of the date of receipt if the card reader has clearly not been used or tampered with.
        • You must also include, in the same condition as it was received:
          • All packaging such as boxes and stickers
          • Accessories such as the USB cable

        Necessary Returns:

        • In case of card reader malfunction due to a manufacture defect, Chip & PIN card readers may be returned at no cost to the merchant within one year from the date of receipt.
          • If you believe your card reader may have a manufacture defect, please contact one of our service representatives prior to returning the card reader. They will be able to help you quickly identify if the problem can be resolved or if returning the card reader is necessary.
          • In case a card reader is returned and no manufacture defect is identified after testing, the original card reader will be returned to you.

        Used Card Readers:

        • If a Chip & PIN card reader is returned used without manufacture defect, no refund will be issued.

      2. Returning a Card Reader

        • Returned items must be sent via insured, prepaid mail, ensuring your return allows you to track your parcel.
        • Please fill out, print and include the payleven return slip in the return package. The following information should be included:
          • Customer name, Company Name and Card Reader Serial Number
          • Indicate if you wish to exchange or return your card reader
          • Provide the reason for the return and a description of any problems with the Chip & PIN card reader.
          • Where applicable, the address where your replacement card reader should be sent.
        • All returns and exchange requests should be sent to the following address:
          Payleven Holding GmbH Attn: Returns Saarbrücker Str. 20/2110405 Berlin, Germany


      3. Card Reader Refunds

        • Refunds will be processed and issued with the same payment method that the card reader was purchased.
        • payleven will make every effort (but cannot guarantee) to issue refunds within 10 business days of receipt of the returned card reader.

      4. Replacement Card Readers

        If you have any questions about our return policy, please, email us at support@payleven.co.uk or call us at 020 7112 8211 .

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