Accept card payments anytime, anywhere

How it works

Download the app on your smartphone or tablet and pair it with the Chip & PIN card reader via Bluetooth to accept credit & debit cards.

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

  • No contractual lock-in
  • No fixed costs
  • Transaction fees as low as 1.50%

Guaranteed payment security

  • Sensitive data is not stored
  • Transmitted data is encrypted
  • Respects payment industry standards: EMV and PCI

Premium customer care

  • Proactive service in your preferred language
  • (0)20 71 12 8211

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"I chose to use payleven because when I was doing my research they seemed to be very straight-forward. It was so easy to set up my account. The customer service is probably the best I’ve ever received."

-Madeline Hale, Studio Ninety

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